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The PLAY BUTTON is the most compelling Call To Action

And YOU aren't taking advantage of it.

I help brands and entrepreneurs grow their impact and influence online using videos

Develop your reputation, create more engagement, and close more sales online

by learning to create powerful business videos that convert 


​Improved SEO

​​People ​prefer having video search results​ over ​text or photos​, and Google ​ algorithms prioritize websites with quality video content. Video's effect on SEO compounds..


​Stronger​ Attention

​Videos ​demand more consumer attention than any other medium. ​

While information is ​limitless, our ​attention ​isn't​.  ​We literally have to grab this from whoever else has it today.


​Increased Conversions

​Video simply converts more. ​​​It can lead to better rankings and more traffic. ​​Video conversion rates outperform other marketing content. ​More eyeballs, more time, more conversions. 


​Video marketing has grown exponentially and is crucial in today's attention-based economy. However, you can't just shoot, edit and publish videos and hope for the best. ​You need a solid game plan. Learn ​to use videos ​effectively, and ​get these lessons in a compact email​ ​and video series.



Filipino. Visual Storyteller, Online Video Marketer, Funnel Strategist, and co-founder at The SHOOT! Practical Videography School. To be successful and grow our businesses and revenues, we must match the way we market our products with the way our prospects learn about and shop for our products -- and using video to connect with our audience is so much more than a cold call. It humanizes the process.

I help online course creators generate leads and create conversions by creating engaging video content, compelling video sales letters and irresistible video offers.

If you want to create videos that perfectly fit your marketing message, anticipate your prospects' needs and convert them into clients, schedule a call with me


Organic traffic is one of the largest drivers of visitors to any online business. Companies spend countless hours and dollars trying to get linked to high-quality sites. Doing so can help increase the authority of their site, which in turn, will help them increase their position in the Search Results and, finally, the amount of organic traffic they receive. 

Video done well, does this effortlessly for you. And it starts with a plan.

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